Updates for the taxi trade including information in relation to covid-19.

13 March 2021 Regarding asymptomatic testing for drivers, card payments for journeys, spot checks, face coverings and screens
5 March 2021 We want your views on dedicated electric vehicle charging points for Taxi and Private Hire
2 February 2021 Asymptomatic testing for ‘critical workers’ who cannot work from home
26 January 2021 Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan and Minimum Licensing Standards (MLS) for taxi and private hire services update
12 January 2021 New Year support from the self-employed scheme
15 December 2020 Operation Ocean
25 November 2020 Greater Manchester clean air plan
25 November 2020 Dedicated electric vehicle charging points for taxi and private hire
14 October 2020 Greater Manchester minimum licensing standard and clean air plan
28 September 2020 Wearing of face coverings in taxi and private hire vehicles
8 September 2020 Trade update
15 July 2020 Bolton Council guidance on face coverings in hackney carriage and private hire vehicles
9 July 2020 Email sent to trade representatives and private hire operators
19 June 2020 Important update about MOT and mid-year tests
16 June 2020 Online form to renew driver licence
8 June 2020 Information and help for taxi drivers
1 June 2020 Guidance on the use of non-standard plastic screens in hackney carriage and private hire vehicles
22 May 2020 Licensing unit update
21 May 2020 Department for transport update
4 May 2020 Bolton taxi and private hire drivers urged to seek financial help in pandemic
7 April 2020 Covid-19 precautions
1 April 2020 MOT and mid-year tests
25 March 2020 Licensing unit update