8 June 2020

What help are we offering

  • Working with our trade representatives and operators to get the message out and circulate the information about the government’s self employment scheme as widely as possible
  • We can also provide help via our Money Advice / Money Skills / Furniture 4 U/ Furniture Options teams
  • Our Time2Talk team can assist with financial conflicts which may be causing conflict in the home
  • We are still issuing licences and have extended the grace period for those who are not currently working to enable them to renew when they start work again

What are the concerns for drivers welfare?

  • Loan sharks preying on vulnerable drivers
  • We understand a lack of money can cause added stress, impact on family life, mental health issues, general health issues
  • Around 10% of drivers are over 60, some with ongoing medical issues which make them vulnerable

Why we are urging drivers to seek financial help

  • According to our main operators up to 80% of drivers are off the road due to the current circumstances (around 1500 drivers)
  • For many drivers they are the sole breadwinner for the family
  • We want them to seek help in the right way so they don’t end up with huge debts, contacting loan sharks or other loans which due to high interest rates they cannot repay
  • We want to support them as much as possible to ensure once restrictions are lifted and the industry starts to pick up they are well enough to work and also have the funds to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy for the travelling public.

Who can help?

Service What they deal with Contact details
Family mediation service for families and households in conflict with each other
  • Managing conflict within households with issues such as:
    • Abusive threatening behavior
    • Conflicting personalities
    • Putting in place age appropriate boundaries
    • Sibling rivalry
    • Teenagers
    • Neighbour issues
  • Improving self-esteem and building confidence
  • Managing anger
  • Communication Skills
  • Assertiveness

01204 335945 or
01204 33 5976

Bolton’s Money Skills Service - Money Advice
  • Debt
  • Homelessness prevention advice and assistance for mortgage and rent arrears
  • Council Tax and fuel arrears
  • Negotiating affordable and realistic payment arrangements for both priority and non-priority debts
  • Advice and assistance with court forms including Debt Relief Orders (DRO), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA), Bankruptcy
  • Reassurance about bills and debts
  • Referral over to Welfare Rights to check that the customer is receiving all they are entitled to.

Unfortunately we are unable to advise re business debts.

If a person is not a sole trader and has business debts they could contact Business Debtline.

01204 331965 or email

0800 197 6026
9am - 8pm Monday to Friday

Bolton’s Money Skills Service - Money Skills

  • Advice on budgeting
  • Making ends meet
  • Reducing expenses
  • Saving on gas and electric costs
  • Energy efficiency advice to reduce fuel costs
  • Getting a better deal for fuel, broadband, etc either by changing tariff or switching supplier (average savings are around £200 per year)
  • Warm Home Discounts – who may be entitled and when
  • Advice on eligibility and benefits of the Priority Services Register for vulnerable customers and help to join. This a free service provided by utility suppliers (eg, British Gas, Eon, United Utilities) and network operators (Electricity North West) to customers in need.

01204 331983 or email

Furniture4U / Furniture Options
  • Advise and support you with Local Welfare Provision (LWP) applications, not just for furniture but also for food and fuel

           And - where outside suppliers permit:

  • Advice and guidance about different furniture options available across Bolton
  • Sale of goods directly to the public, via loans via the credit union Hoot, where applicable
  • Advice re pre-loved items
  • Help with trust fund applications to help source items, should all else fail.

01204 331973 email

Other useful contacts

Housing Sustainability Principal Officer:

Carole Jackson tel. 01204 331967

Team Leaders:

Money Skills / Money Advice / Furniture4U - Clare Maskrey tel 01204 331910

Time2Talk – Catherine Skelton 01204 335945