The Greater Manchester local authorities agreed to collectively develop, approve, and implement a common set of minimum licensing standards (MLS) for taxi and private hire service in 2018.

The aim is to benefit drivers and the trade as public confidence in locally licensed taxi and private hire services would inevitably grow.  By establishing and implementing Greater Manchester-wide minimum licensing standards, we can help to ensure that all residents and visitors see these services as safe, reliable, and preferable to those that are not licensed by Greater Manchester local authorities.

Minimum licensing standards (MLS) will help achieve the vision of a strong, professional, and healthy taxi and private hire sector; one that provides safe and high quality services to residents and visitors across the whole of Greater Manchester.

Stage 1 of the MLS was approved by the Council in September 2021 and a copy of the report can be viewed here:

Greater Manchester Minimum Licensing Standards for Taxi and Private Hire - Stage 1 Recommendations Report

We’re currently rolling out Stage 1 which includes refreshed conditions and dress code. These conditions replace the current conditions attached to your current licence to drive a private hire vehicle.

Please ensure you read the document carefully and understand the requirements. If you are unsure of anything in this document, please email

We will be in touch again regarding the move to the DBS update service; the revised medical fitness documentation and the new dual licence to drive a private hire/hackney carriage vehicle.