01 March 2022

Following the Department of Transport Statutory Guidance, Bolton Council Licensing Team is beginning to move all Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Drivers to the DBS update Service.

As covered in Stage 1 of the Minimum Licensing Standards (approved September 2021), it is a requirement for all licenced drivers to subscribe to the DBS Update Service via their Greater Manchester Authority. The move to the DBS Update Service will be a gradual and drivers will be required to undertake a new DBS check via Bolton Council.

In due course all drivers will be contacted by the licensing team to provide the relevant documentation to complete an online DBS check. Once the check is complete, the driver is required to subscribe to the update service.

The update service has an annual subscription of £13.00 per year. No further DBS certificates will be required as long as there are no changes to the information, for example a new conviction.

Should the driver fail to renew the subscription or remove the authority’s permission to view the DBS status, a new DBS certificate will be required (at a cost of £47.00). The licenced driver will not be permitted to continue to work until a new DBS certificate is received and the subscription to the DBS update Service reactivated.

Please see below step by step guidance to subscribe to the service;

  1. Complete an online DBS application via Bolton Councils Licensing Team (you will be contacted).
  2. DBS Certificate will come through the post to the driver’s home address.
  3. The driver has 30 days from the date on the DBS certificate to subscribe or a new DBS will be required.
  4. Use link to subscribe to the update service. Complete all sections and provide certificate number (located on the top of the DBS certificate the driver received through the post.
  5. Make the payment of £13.00 as requested and schedule a renewal payment.
  6. Once subscription is complete, email and provide your name, address, certificate number and confirmation you have subscribed to the service.

Please be advised, if you do not subscribe to the DBS Update Service as requested, you Licence will not be renewed/granted.