24 January 2022

Dear all,

I am emailing with an update on latest status of the GM Clean Air Plan (GM CAP) following the meeting of the GM Air Quality Administration Committee on 20th January, and ahead of the GM Clean Air Charging Authorities Committee meeting next week on 26th January.

First, we appreciate that there are ongoing concerns and would like to reassure you that we remain committed to working with and engaging with the trade throughout this process to provide timely updates about developments with the Clean Air Plan and the impact on affected drivers /operators.

Pause to funding to review supply chain evidence

The GM Air Quality Administration Committee has agreed to write to the Secretary of State requesting agreement to pause opening of the next phase of Clean Air Funds at the end of this month to enable an urgent and fundamental joint policy review with Government to identify how a revised policy can be agreed to deal with supply issues and local businesses’ ability to comply with the GM CAP. Members also requested that those vehicles owners who had already placed orders pending funding opening at the end of January should be able to contact Clean Air GM for advice to ensure they are not detrimentally impacted by the decision to pause the opening of the funds, and that awards can be made where appropriate.

Members also requested that the review consider amending the current vehicle ownership requirements for GM Licensed Hackney & Private Hire owners when a vehicle has been upgraded due to licensing requirements to ensure they are not detrimentally impacted by the decision to pause the opening of the funds.

GM is however still under a legal direction from government to achieve legal limits of nitrogen dioxide in the shortest possible time and by 2024 at the latest. Therefore, the Committee has also confirmed that the first phase of the Clean Air Zone due to be introduced on 30 May 2022 – applying to non-compliant buses, coaches, HGVs and taxi and private hire vehicles which aren’t licensed in GM – will go ahead.

Temporary exemption clarification for GM-licensed taxis and PHVs

Meanwhile, the GM Clean Air Charging Authorities Committee, which meets on 26th January, will consider a proposal to amend the exemption qualification date for non-compliant GM-licensed taxis and PHVs, with the recommendation that all those vehicles licensed on or before 26th January 2022 would benefit from a temporary exemption until 1 June 2023.

As mentioned, we will continue to provide updates and for further detail please refer to the website and the latest press release here.

Many thanks,