7 June 2023

Moving Traffic Enforcement helps to keep traffic moving; reducing traffic congestion and improving safety for everyone who uses our roads and pavements.  In May 2022, the Government granted powers to enable councils to enforce Moving Traffic restrictions. Previously these types of restrictions could only be enforced by the police.  Now local councils can apply to enforce offences, alongside the police.

Bolton Council intends to apply for the power to enforce Moving Traffic Offences, working alongside our partners at Greater Manchester Police.  If the Council is granted this power, they will look to prioritise enforcement where there is a known problem, following public consultation.

The Council are currently consulting on implementing Moving Traffic Enforcement measures at the following box junction sites:

  • Blackburn Road/Lawson Street
  • Trinity Street/Newport Street
  • Topp Way/Higher Bridge Street
  • Bridge Street/St George’s Street
  • Cricketers Way/Leigh Road

Please note, that if Bolton Council is granted the power to enforce Moving Traffic Enforcement offences, then any future sites will be consulted on via public consultation.

For further information or to have your say, please visit:  Deadline Wednesday 6th September.

Principal Consultation & Engagement
Chief Executive’s Department
2nd Floor
Town Hall
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