10 September 2021 - 12 September 2021

Sainsbury’s Supermarket located on Heaton Park Road, Manchester M9 0QS has been designated again as the official pick up and drop off point for all taxis, private hire and private vehicles, for both ingress and egress, that do not have access to the facilities provided inside the park.

This pick up/drop off point will be signposted, the car park will be organised into clearly marked bays and Marshalls will be in attendance to ensure that the facility runs as efficiently as possible.

Drivers are asked to use the car park itself and not to drop off and pick up at the small roundabout in front of the superstore in particular and other adjacent roads as this will cause un-necessary congestion and inconvenience to other vehicles and interfere with the smooth running of operation in the Superstore car park.

Operators are asked to direct their customers and drivers to use the superstore for all pick up and drop offs.

The Superstore car park will remain open after the store shuts so the pick up/drop off facility can be maintained for the egress phase.

There will be a number of road closures around the park during the egress phase of the event and the Superstore will remain outside of those and accessible at all times.