1 April 2020

We’ve received the notification from DVSA about new rules for MOT testing on light vehicles. DVSA have confirmed that a private hire and hackney carriage vehicles are a light vehicle for the purposes of the new rules: 

  • MOT expired before 30 March 2020 - the vehicle needs to be submitted for test at one of our authorised garages. The vehicle must pass both the MOT and vehicle licence test. A licence cannot be extended on a vehicle where the MOT expired before 30 March 2020
  • MOT due to expire on or after 30 March 2020 – DVSA have confirmed the MOT will be extended for 6 months and by the end of this period you will need to have a new MOT, for example:
    • a vehicle whose MOT expires on 3 April 2020 will have it extended to 3 October 2020
    • the vehicle will however have to pass its MOT by 3 October 2020
    • in these circumstances the vehicle licence can be extended

As outlined above if the MOT expired before 30 March 2020, the vehicle will need to be submitted for test and pass both the MOT and vehicle licence test to continue to be used on the road as a licensed private hire/hackney carriage vehicle. Not all of the approved garages are currently open – please contact them directly to find out their opening arrangements.

If a vehicle is due its mid-year test you should apply the same rule as for the MOT. Any deposits already paid for a mid-year vehicle test will be deducted from the next vehicle test fee.

Please note that if you do extend your MOT, you are required to submit your vehicle for MOT at one of the approved garages within a month of the restrictions being lifted. This is to ensure both your safety and that of the travelling public. This will also assist in managing the backlog of vehicles which will require testing in 6 months time.

If the vehicle is being used, you must be certain that it meets the requirements of part II of the road traffic act 1988 (construction and use regulations) if it doesn't you may be committing an offence and putting your licence as risk.