25 March 2020

Due to the current climate in relation to covid-19 and social distancing, self-isolation etc. please be aware of the following changes to our services:

  • New private hire and hackney carriage vehicle and driver licences will not be issued. New vehicle licence applications will only be considered under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the principal officers/assistant director, for example processing a new vehicle licence for an existing licenced driver.
  • All business will be conducted via phone and email. There will be no face to face provision (call 01204 336584 option 1, or preferably email
  • For all existing private hire and hackney carriage vehicle and driver licences due to expire before 30 June 2020:
    • You will have the option to extend yourexisting licence until 30 September 2020
    • Extensions will be approved upon completion and return of a council online self-certification statement form
    • The form is now available on-line on the council webpages or by emailing
    • Upon completion and approval, drivers and vehicle owners will receive a PDF confirmation via email that their licence has been extended without prejudice
    • Drivers will need to print the confirmation and keep it with them when working or be able to show a copy on their mobile phone.
  • However, should a driver decide not to extend their driver licence, there will be a temporary extension of the 6 week grace period until 30 September 2020. This will allow any existing driver to re-apply for a licence.
  • For replacements/duplicates the individual licence holder is required to email the licensing team with their request
  • A new farecard form has been sent to all private hire operators. The operator will complete the form and request the farecard by emailing the form back to The new farecard will then be emailed to the operator for them to print
  • There will be no committee meetings until further notice. Any licence holder due to attend committee will be contacted to make alternative future arrangement
  • Any complaints against drivers, vehicle owners or operators will be dealt with by an enforcement officer by email or phone.

The hackney carriage vehicle meter checks are cancelled until further notice.