Paediatric Learning Disability Nursing Service

Paediatric learning disability nursing services


Paediatric learning disability nursing services

The Paediatric Learning Disability Service (PLDS) provide specialist assessments and interventions for children and young people aged between 0-18, who have a learning disability or global development delay, plus an additional health need.

We aim to assess needs, enable and support children and young people with learning disabilities and global developmental delay, to optimise their health and wellbeing and breakdown barriers.

Specialist assessments are carried out which are over and above the universal offer that all children and young people receive. The assessments are needs led assessments on specific areas such as:-

  • Behaviour that challenges
  • Sleep
  • Continence
  • Diet and Nutrition

We also provide bespoke 1:1 work with young people on puberty and growing up, healthy lifestyles and accessing healthcare.

We work with the child and young person, their family and all professionals involved to achieve the positive outcomes needed.

How we meet your needs

The service offers support in a range of settings. Children, young people and their parent’s/carer’s initial appointment will be in a clinic setting, or telephone consultation as appropriate.

Further appointments will then be offered depending on assessed need, either on an individual basis or in a group.

Our individual assessments and interventions can be carried out in any setting that the child/young person attends to ensure we are facilitating a holistic approach. We carry out and promote reasonable adjustments in everything we do to endure the child/young person’s needs are met appropriately. All interventions are bespoke, needs led and person centred with an overall focus on achieving positive outcomes that are aspirational.

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