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Local Offer

Our Local Offer has been reviewed and redeveloped to improve your experience.

We hope that you find the Local Offer easy to use, as well as the information that you need.

Please let us know what you think by completing our short survey

Local Offer Survey


You said we did 2024

You said - you woild like clarification about the age children's services ended. 18? 19? 25?

What we did - we are awaiting a decision being made about a date from which children’s services will end at 18 and end the anomaly that exists with a dual 18 and 19 year old end point.  The Local Offer will be updated with the outcome.

You said - you would like the Parent Information and Support Worker details to be more obvious on the Short Breaks Statement, at the beginning and not at the end.

What we did - the statement has recently been updated and the details are now at the start of the document.

You said - that you get upset and are offended by having to go the 'Worried about a child' process on the internet to request a short break assessment. Can this be changed?

What we did - this has been raised with the SEND working group and an update will be available shortly.

You said - you would like there to be a flow chart about the process of assessment for a short break.

What we did - this was raised with the Children with Disabilities Team and is now in progress. The Local Offer will be updated once this is available.

You said - you want the opportunity to meet, make friends, chat to other families in similar situations.

What we did - there are a number of groups that take place for parents, carers, children, and young people. Details about these are published on the Bolton Shared Care Facebook page.
Work is taking place with Bolton Arena to develop outdoor activities.
There are other activities planned for the spring and summer - information about these will be published once the funding has been received and dates have been confirmed.

You said - you would like to know what happens when an assessment has been to the Resource Allocation Meeting (RAM) for a short break allocation.

What we did - we are in the process of producing individual guides to our short break services, so you know what to expect. 
Bolton Shared Care are hosting monthly play sessions at Party and Play to bring together the children and families waiting for support. These sessions give everyone a chance to get to know each other better.

You said we did 2023

You said - there are no details for service around sensory support

What we did - spoke to Bolton's Sensory Support Service, and created an area of the Local Offer that has full details about the service that they offer

You said - more detailed information about how to get into employment

What we did - created additional page detailing routes into work

You said - we need more detailed information about Autism and the support available

What we did - created a page with details about the Autism pathway in Bolton, including the referral process

You said, we did 2022

Consultation has been ongoing with parents, carers and young people in the development of our SEND Local Offer. Below are examples of the some of the things that we have done in response to your feedback:

You said - you would like bright and friendly pages

What we did - a whole new site was designed and created for the SEND Local Offer, with a brighter and fresher look

You said - you want easy to access sport and leisure information

What we did - created a page specifically for activities, that also links to universal services on our online directory My Life in Bolton

You said - you need easy access to details about special schools

What we did - edited and redesigned existing pages that are now located in the Education and Childcare section of the SEND Local Offer

You said - details about support networks are needed

What we did - included a section with support details for organisations that includes Bolton Parent Carers and the Information Advisory Service


November 2022

SEND consultation with young people


Jan - Mar 2022

Rumworth School circulated a survey to all parents/carers in order to gather views with regards to activities and clubs for young people with SEND in the Bolton area. A mixed response showed that some families are aware of local activities and do engage in them, but a significant proportion of respondents were unaware of any activities available to them in the local area. Transport, associated costs of sessions, along with places being inaccessible to wheelchair users, presented as noted barriers.

There was also a concern from parents/carers with regards to providers who host sessions, being fully equipped with the best knowledge to support and understand young people with SEND. Some positive notable mentions went to the great work that AFC Masters, Henshaw’s, Breaking Barriers and Bolton Lads and Girls Club already carry out. Some of the respondents also travel out of borough to Salford to access Red Hot Flames Cheerleading Academy’s SEND team.

In conclusion, there was a definite interest in the opportunity for more activities to be presented to the local area. Parents recognised that particularly since the pandemic, there is an even greater need to ensure our young people with SEND are offered chances to socialise, make memories and lead an enriched life.

Comments from visitors to the SEND Local Offer

"The local offer is brilliant - it has so much information on it, it's so much better than it used to be."

Community Inclusion Seed Funding

A good example of inclusion and participation (May 2023) - Bolton Together held a panel meeting, which took place with parent representatives, to decide on how funding was distributed. This followed outreach work by Bolton Lads and Girls Club, and Breaking Barriers.