CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.  We are a service offering help for children and young people, usually between the ages of five and 18 who live in Bolton.

We work with children and young people to help them cope when they are having problems relating to how they feel, how they think about things and sometimes how they behave.

The team in CAMHS works with GPs, hospitals and other professionals, such as teachers, to assess, treat and support young people and children, and their parents or carers.

The child or young person must be registered with a Bolton GP who is part of the Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group or there must be a commissioning agreement in place.

The service is divided into 3 Pathways – Single Point of Access and Neurodevelopmental, CORE CAMHS and Learning Disabilities / challenging behaviours.

Bolton CAMHS has an evidence-based approach to therapeutic interventions and offers: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) together with Family Therapy- Functional Family Therapy (FFT).

How we meet your needs

The CAMHS service offers support in a range of settings. These include outpatient appointments in children’s centres, or at the CAMHS building.  If this is not suitable for a particular young person, we can arrange to see you or your child at home or in school. We recognise that some children and young people require shorter appointments.  We also understand that children and young people communicate in a range of different ways and will ensure we use any communication aids or adaptations we are made aware of.

How to access

Professionals can make a referral via the form on the CAMHS website.