Wheelchair Services

Wheelchair services


Wheelchair Services

Bolton Wheelchair Service provides permanent wheelchairs for patients who are registered with a Bolton General Practitioner (GP), who have a physical disability affecting mobility that requires them to use a wheelchair for all their mobility needs.

Specialist seating, pressure relieving cushions and accessories can be provided for users with more complex needs.

The Wheelchair Services Team is based at Lever Chambers Centre for Health and consists of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, technical instructor/support worker and stores personnel. The service also contracts an orthotist one day a month who works under the direction of therapists, making bespoke seating for those with complex postural conditions. Specialist clinics also run on a regular basis for individuals requiring specialist mobility equipment and bespoke modifications.

Individuals are eligible for a permanent wheelchair if they are aged three years or over, and are permanently restricted in mobility due to medical reasons.  Users under the age of three may be seen by the service if specialist seating in a buggy or wheelchair is needed. Patients can be referred to the service via their GP, consultant, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social care professional or accredited wheelchair therapist.


How we meet your needs

Home, work and school visits can be made when necessary due to ill health, exceptional circumstances, or where an assessment of the environment for wheelchair accessibility is required. Home delivery, repairs and collection services are provided by the appointed approved repairer service


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