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Vision Impaired Team

Visual Impairment  

The Visual Impairment Team is involved with pupils and students who have a range of vision impairments.

A child/young person can be referred by a clinician and will be offered specific support to ensure they can access education fully. The Sensory Support Service will work with the education provider to ensure that they understand a child/young person’s visual needs, as well as provide specific support and resources.

Each child that is supported has different needs and their families need help in varying ways. The team consists of specialist Qualified Teachers of the Visually Impaired (QTVI), teaching assistants, and a mobility and independence specialist who will work flexibly to ensure a child's needs are met at home and in education. Specific support is offered to ensure that a child can access education fully.

Primary Resourced Provision

Children with a vision impairment can attend our specialist provision at Sharples Primary School. This is a mainstream primary school with additional resources and qualified staff to meet the needs of children with a severe vision impairment.

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