Local discount – care leavers between 18 and 25

Supporting young people in care to move successfully into adult life and provide financial support and assistance to care leavers residing in Bolton is a priority for the council.

The council implemented a local council tax discount scheme for care leavers. The discount is awarded after council tax support and all other discounts and exemptions have been awarded. 

If the care leaver stays with foster parents after they have turned 18, the household does not qualify for the discount.

We also have a reciprocal agreement in place with some of our neighbouring councils. This means that a qualifying care leaver who lives in Bolton but is supported by one of these Leaving Care Teams will still qualify for the discount from Bolton council. 


To be eligible you must be a care leaver who:

  • is aged between 18 and 24
  • has a council tax liability

Your social worker can give you more advise on your eligibility.

How much discount will you receive?

  • If the care leaver has moved into a property where they are the only person responsible for the council tax bill, a 100% discount will be awarded
  • If the care leaver is living with a partner or is a joint tenant with a friend, a 100% discount will still apply


How long will the discount be awarded for?

If the care leaver discount is awarded, it will remain in place until the care leaver turns 25 years old or ceases to be liable for council tax, whichever event occurs first.


How to apply

If you think you may be entitled to this discount, contact us.