Exempt unoccupied properties

You may be able to reduce the amount you have to pay.

If you apply for a discount or exemption, you must continue to pay your current instalments until your bill is amended.

Some properties that are empty may be exempt for a period of time if they are one of the following:

  • owned by a charity - provided that when the property was last occupied it was being used for the purpose of the charity
  • left empty by someone who is a permanent resident in a hospital, residential or nursing home or in prison/detention
  • left empty because someone has died. The exemption will be applied where probate has yet to be made and for up to six months after probate has been granted
  • left empty because occupation is not allowed by law
  • waiting to be occupied by a minister of religion
  • left empty by someone who has left to receive care from another person
  • left empty by someone providing care for another person
  • left empty and last occupied by a full-time student who is the owner or leaseholder
  • left empty because they have been repossessed or are the responsibility of a trustee in bankruptcy

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