Detained by order of a court

You may be able to reduce the amount you have to pay.

If you apply for a discount or exemption, you must continue to pay your current instalments until your bill is amended.

If someone in your household is detained by order of a court, you may be able to claim a discount.

You can't claim the discount if the person is in:

  • police custody before their first court appearance; or
  • prison for non-payment of fines; or
  • prison for non-payment of council tax

Detained by a court order means someone is:

  • being held in a prison, a hospital or any other place, under the orders of a British court, or
  • a prisoner on temporary release, or
  • being held under the Mental Health Act, or
  • being held under the Immigration Act, or
  • imprisoned, detained or in custody under the Armed Forces Act

Apply for prison or detention discount