Appeal a housing benefit decision or council tax benefit decision

You can use the form below if you disagree with a decision about:

  • Housing Benefit or
  • Council Tax Benefit (benefit before 2013)

You can ask us to look at your claim again. This is called a reconsider.

Ask for a reconsider

In most cases, you must be the person claiming housing benefit. Your landlord can only appeal if:

  • we decide not to pay your housing benefit directly to them or
  • we ask them to pay back any housing benefit we have overpaid

What happens when the decision is looked at again?

We will look at the decision again.

  • if we think the original decision is wrong we will change it and write to let you know. Your appeal will stop
  • if we think the original decision is wrong but it is not to your advantage eg the amount of benefit you get remains the same or goes down. Your appeal will continue
  • if we think the decision is right, your appeal will continue to an independent tribunal. You may have to complete extra forms for this but we will contact you