The Department for Work and Pensions introduced the  Household Support Fund (HSF) in October 2021.  The HSF has now been extended to September 2022. We have been awarded £2.78 million and will be using it to provide a range of services.

Household Support

If you need help with food, gas, electric or household goods, you can apply for Local Welfare Provision.

You do not need to receive benefits to apply for this help.

We will need to check your identity, that you live in Bolton and what you income and expenses are. This all helps us to work out if you need help from LWP.

.Apply for Local Welfare Provision

Children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM)

Families already receiving FSM or who meet the criteria for FSM but have pre school age children, will get help during the holiday periods. 

Vouchers are automatically sent to you and you do not need to apply.

Help for people who have reached State Pension Age (SPA)

If you have reached SPA and receive Pension Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, we will be providing additonal help.  We are working with The Department for Work and Pensions to identify anyone who will be eigible. If you are eligible, we will contact you later this year. If you need help with fuel or food now, you can apply for Local Welfare provision. If you apply for help through local welfare provision, you may still be eligible later in the year for additonal help. 


Bolton's Fund: Investing in our communities

Community Support

The Hardship Support Fund is also being used to provide grants to a range of community-based organisations via Bolton’s Fund (Bolton CVS).  These organisations will be providing a range of support across the Borough to residents in financial need.