Evidence to support your claim

When you claim, or report a change, you will be told what information is needed at the end of the claim form.

You’ll need to provide documents within one month or we won’t be able to award you support. You can email these documents to housing.benefits@bolton.gov.uk

Documents we can accept

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • birth or marriage certificate
  • recent gas, electricity or water bill
  • payslips or a letter from employer
  • recent bank or building society statement
  • UK residence card
  • National Insurance (NI) number (such as a NI card, payslip, tax or pension letter)
  • a current tenancy agreement or rent letter
  • proof of your earnings or self-employed income
  • details of any other income such as student loans, grants or pensions
  • proof of any benefits you get, for example an award notice or letter from the organisation that pays you the money
  • details of capital you have, for example, bank accounts, savings or investments
  • details of what you pay out, such as rent, pension contributions, childcare costs or maintenance payments