Our vision for social care in Bolton is making a positive difference every day, supporting you to live as full and safe a life as possible and make informed choices.

What does commissioning mean?

Commissioning means we plan the social care services that are needed by the people who live in Bolton, and make sure that services are available. We work towards every child, young person and adult in Bolton having access to high quality education, training and jobs in our town, so everyone reaches their full potential and leads happy and fulfilling lives. It is about more than just acquiring services through procurement

We want people to:

  • Start Well, so our children get the best possible start in life, so that they have every chance to succeed and be happy
  • Live Well, so the health and wellbeing of our residents is improved, so that they can live healthy, fulfilling lives for longer
  • Age Well , so that older people in Bolton stay healthier for longer, and feel more connected with their communities

How are we going to achieve this?

We continue to build strong partnerships and develop strategies with different organisations including

  • Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership
  • Bolton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH)
  • Private Sector providers
  • The Voluntary Sector 

This enables us to join up our planning and delivery of services. We want to support the increasing numbers of people who need both the NHS, social care and voluntary and community sector services, and use the support of other services which help people thrive in their communities. Working together means we can make sure there is a good mixture of social care services for people to choose from.

There is still more to do.  Part of our ambition is that we can fully co produce our services. This means we want to work in equal partnership to develop services which people need and want.  We recently worked with Bolton Parent Carers to develop a co production toolkit.

Market Position Statements 

We have produced two Market Position Statements for Live Well and Age Well. These outline the key priorities for Bolton and are intended to give providers vital information to inform business plans as well as those organisations that interested in developing new services in Bolton.

If you are thinking of developing services in Bolton, please contact us at the earliest opportunity. 

Looked After Children Sufficiency Strategy 2022 - 2025

Quality Assurance and Improvement 

We need to check that the services we have commissioned and developed are doing what they need to do. The Quality Assurance and Improvement Team (QA & I) monitors and supports services  to ensure that commissioned services are meeting the requirements of their contract and the quality and performance standards described in the service specification. The QA & I  Team also provides support to providers to improve their services when this is required.