In line with the statutory guidance, and to ensure that all children are safeguarded, we request that responsible authorities follow the process outlined below:

  1. Consult
    You, as the responsible authority, contact our placements co-ordination team via secure email
  2. Discuss
    One of our Social Care Management Team will contact you to discuss the placement.
  3. Notification
    If after consultation you decide to go ahead with the placement, you will be asked to complete our notification of placement form and send the completed form via secure email to
  4. Information for education & health
    Our support for looked after children document has been prepared to help you understand Bolton’s systems and services.
  5. Placement changes
    If the details of the child’s placement in Bolton change during the placement, you will need to notify us of the changes using our change of placement form via a secure email to
  6. End of placement
    As the responsible authority, you will need to complete our end of placement form to let us know that the child is no longer placed in Bolton. This is to be sent from a secure email to

Looked After Children Sufficiency Strategy 2022 - 2025