The Bolton Housing Strategy 'Our Homes, Our Communities, Our Future' aims to make certain that our homes and housing services meet your needs.

There are several challenges that we face linked to housing which are addressed through the strategy and its action plan.

  • affordable housing
  • homelessness
  • private sector housing
  • ageing population
  • environment
  • worklessness and community cohesion

Strategic housing services

The role of strategic housing services is:

  • understand all the housing issues within the local area
  • to carry out and commission research independently and with partner organisations
  • to develop policy and strategy across the whole of the housing areas of work

Our main partners are:

We are now looking ahead to meet changing care and support needs linked to housing. Together with community housing, social care and external partners we have devised an ambitious 10 year prospectus for delivering housing with care and support.

Our prospectus can be accessed here:

Housing with care and support prospectus 2023 - 2033