You will need a license to put up any hoarding on the public highway.

The license is valid for a minimum of 7 days and must be renewed if the work will exceed this period.

Failure to obtain a license or to follow the regulations of the license is an offence under The Highways Act 1980 and can result in fines up to £5000.


  • hoardings must be a minimum of 2.5m high and be able to withstand high winds
  • illumination may be required if street lighting is not adequatei
  • they must have a smooth finish with no protruding parts
  • pedestrian walkways of satisfactory width are to be maintained or provided and regularly inspected by the contractor

How do I apply?

Download and complete a Hoarding licence application form.

How much will it cost?

Please see  Licence charges for hoardings.

Further Information

If you need any more information or advice, or help in completing your application please contact us.