When carrying out any building work/maintenance or removal of any part of a property which is adjacent to the public highway, the safety of all highway users must be paramount.

You will need a licence to put up any scaffolding or site an access platform on a public highway.

A licence is valid for 7 days and must be renewed if the work will exceed this period.

Failure to obtain a licence or to follow the regulations of the licence may result in fines up to £5000


  • during the erection or dismantling period, a safe working area at ground level is required to prevent pedestrians gaining access.
    In the town centre this work must be carried out outside normal working hours. (before 8am, after 6pm or on a Sunday)
  • scaffolding will require illumination unless no part of it is less than 0.45m from a carriageway in a horizontal direction and no part of it over a footway is less than 2.4m above it
  • pedestrian walkways must be maintained around the scaffolding.
    If this cannot be arranged, it must be designed to allow access under and through the scaffold safely. Poles must be maintained to enable people in wheelchairs/prams to pass the scaffold safely

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