You can apply for a definitive map modification order to amend the definitive map and statement if you believe that it is inaccurate or incomplete.  You must have evidence to support your claim.

The investigation will only consider what public rights already exist. It does not consider what rights the public or the landowner(s) would like to have.

What changes can be requested?

  • add a route to the definitive map as a public right of way
  • re-grade a public right of way to a different status
  • vary or amend the recorded details of a public right of way
  • delete a public right of way from the definitive map if recorded in error

To request to alter, close or create a new Public Right of Way you'll need a 'Public Path Order'. This can be a lengthy process and all orders are open to public consultation and certain legal tests or ‘criteria’ have to be met. 

Please contact the Public Rights of Way team should you wish to discuss any of the above.

Rights of way closures

Public Rights of Way must not be closed or restricted without our consent.

For more information see rights of way closures and restrictions notices