Public Rights of Way should always be open and available for use but there are times when Bolton Council will close them for short periods. Public Rights of Way must not be closed or restricted without our consent.

A Public Right of Way may be closed if we are satisfied that:

  • works are proposed to be carried out on or near the Public Right of Way
  • there is a potential danger to the public or serious damage to the Public Right of Way
  • it is necessary to allow for litter clearing or cleaning

Currently advertised notices of applications

Current applications by landowners to deposit a map and statement, or lodge a declaration under Section 31(6) of the Highways Act, or deposit a statement under section 15B(1) of the Commons Act 2006. Please click the links below to view the documents (pdf format).

Bolton - Notice of application - land at Grundy Fold Farm, Tonge Road, Little Lever, BL3 1AQ

Blackrod - Notice of application - land between Station Road and Blackrod Bypass, BL6 5BW

Temporary closures and modification orders

Please click the links below to view the documents associated with our orders and notices (pdf format).

Turton / Bradshaw South - Closure of TBS048

Restrictions on open land

Please click the links below to view the documents associated with exclusion of public access (pdf format).

Wilton 3 quarry

Robin Hood quarry

Permission to temporarily close a public right of way

We can issue a temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) when works on the highway, or some large deliveries, require a public right of way to be closed or restricted temporarily to the public.
We also have limited powers to make temporary traffic regulation orders relating to special events taking place on the public highway (e.g. ceremonies, parades, festivals, funfairs, street parties). There is a Government Guide to holding an event on the highway which contains more details.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the legal processes involved and the need to advertise any proposed closure, we require SIX WEEKS notice to process a temporary traffic order.

For further information on closing a public right of way or temporary traffic orders, please contact the Public Rights of Way Team using the contact details opposite.