Metal detection on private land or public outdoor space requires the detector to obtain permission from the landowner or occupier before venturing out onto the land.

If the detector has had permission from a landowner or occupier previously, before undertaking any further detection they should still check again that they are happy for the search on the land to continue.

The following documents provide guidance about the requirements which apply to anyone wishing to undertake metal detecting. These should be read and any requirements complied with before carrying out any detection.

The Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales 2017

The Treasure Act 1996 Code of Practice (2nd Revision)

The Treasure Act code additionally states that the Government urges all metal detectorists to abide by the National Council for Metal Detecting’s Code of Conduct.

The National Council for Metal Detecting Code of Conduct

Metal Detecting in the Borough of Bolton

The above guidance applies and permission must be obtained prior to entering onto any council owned land for the purpose of metal detecting.