Outbreak Control Plan

Managing the continued pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) presents considerable challenges in Bolton as for the rest of the country. Bolton local partners have continually worked together to adapt to challenges of prevention, management and containment including health and social care, regulatory and enforcement, public health, policing services, education, voluntary, community and faith sector and local businesses and our communities themselves. 

Many organisations have proven that they have a role to play in protecting the public from COVID-19. The overlapping roles and responsibilities of the main agencies/departments, particularly the NHS, Public Health in Bolton, Environmental Health and Public Health England (PHE) which is now known as UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), continue to work with many different stakeholders. This collaborative approach has enabled local decision makers to manage the challenges presented to the wider system and community members in working together to manage both the virus itself and the consequences of managing the virus in Bolton. 

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