Some things you need to consider

If you need to build a driveway, it must be completed before you request the vehicle access crossing, this is to avoid any wagons driving over the newly constructed crossing. It is important that the finished level of your drive leaves enough fall from the end of your drive to the kerb. A 1:40 (approx. 1 inch per m) fall would be adequate.

The construction of a vehicle crossing does not give you as the occupier of the premises any particular rights, except to drive across the footway to gain access to your property with a private or light goods motor car. The vehicle crossing itself remains part of the public highway. From the date that the council accepts the completed crossing, we will assume responsibility for its maintenance at no cost to the occupier, apart from any damage caused by illegal use for example by a heavy vehicle.

An off road driveway has to be constructed with a minimum of 4.8 metres between the back of the footway and the building to accommodate a vehicle wholly within the drive.  We are unable to consider applications for a vehicle crossing unless the length of the drive is minimally 4.8 metres. 

We will not approve a request for a dropped kerb if it is located within a lay-by.