The service runs from October through to April and the gritters are on standby 24 hours a day.

We also provide and stock grit bins for use on the public highway.

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Where do we grit?

We carry out gritting on 510kms (317 miles) of main traffic routes, It’s not possible to treat every road with the resources available.

When do we grit?

We check the forecast at 0730, 1100, 1700 and when the forecast is updated to help us make the decision.

By subscribing to winter gritting alerts you will receive updates when the severity rating is high (1-3).

Gritting routes

Grit bin locations


The gritting forecast shown on our website is for a 24hr period starting from the 'Last Update' given.

In the event of a significant weather change, the appropriate action will be taken regardless of any prior warnings made.