We encourage all our residents, wherever possible, to garage or park their vehicles off the road.

If you need to drive over the pavement or verge to park on your property, you will need to have a vehicle access crossing (VAC).

The footways are built to carry pedestrians who don't weigh as much as a motor vehicle and, without a crossing, you may damage the kerbstones or utility services, such as gas or water mains that may be below the surface of the pavement or verge.

A vehicle access crossing involves:

  • lowering of the kerbs at the edge of the road to allow access to your property/driveway.
  • strengthening of the crossing from your property boundary to the edge of the road. 
  • where required, moving or protecting of items such as street light columns, railings and bollards and any pipes or cables belonging to public utilities underneath the crossing.  

All domestic vehicle access crossings are managed and constructed by Bolton Council. We ensure the use of appropriate materials and workmanship, the safety of any walking surfaces and the protection of pipes and cables under the footway from damage.