Domestic abuse and violence work in Bolton

Working in partnership, through our Domestic Abuse and Violence Partnership, we have made a firm commitment to strengthen and increase our efforts to reduce the levels of domestic abuse and ensure that the right help is available at the right time.

We want to enhance our efforts to raise awareness around domestic abuse and at the same time equip our front line professionals and providers of services with the necessary skills and training to offer the most effective level of support for our victims, their children and their families.

Domestic abuse and violence strategy and business plan

Bolton has a cross agency Domestic Abuse and Violence Strategy and Business Plan for 2016-18 and considerable progress has been made on actions identified. Plans are underway for development of a refreshed Strategy and Business Plan for 2019-22.

The domestic abuse and violence practitioner handbook

The Domestic Abuse and Violence Practitioner handbook contains detailed information and advice around all aspects of Domestic Abuse and how and where to get help with details of services and the support they provide including information on our two specialist Domestic Abuse Service Providers: Fortalice and Endeavour.