Report abuse

If you are in immediate risk of harm, phone 999 or get someone else to phone on your behalf.

If the situation is not an emergency, but you still need the police, call 101.

If you need information, advice or support

Bolton Council Housing Options - support for emergency accommodation:

01204 335900
or email:


Visit the Endeavour website.
01204 394842 
or email:

Fortalice (24 hour support):

Visit the Fortalice website.
01204 365677

Bolton at Home Domestic Abuse Team:

01204 329363
or email:

Greater Manchester Police

View more useful numbers on the Greater Manchester Police website.

Greater Manchester Against Domestic Abuse

End The Fear - Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Victim Support

0161 200 1950 *Text Relay:18002 0161 200 1950
Greater Manchester Victims' Services (