What is Anti-Social Behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour includes all sorts of behaviour which might intimidate you or spoil your quality of life. It is anything which interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of your home and surrounding area.

Examples include:

  • nuisance neighbours
  • abandoned cars
  • vandalism
  • graffiti
  • drunken or rowdy behaviour
  • harassment/intimidation/threats

How to report anti-social behaviour

Before we can take any action, we need information about the problem.

Please complete an incident diary and return it to us.

Download incident diary

Reporting over the phone

You can call in confidence on 01204 336500. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. If you call out of hours and leave a voicemail, we will call you back. In an emergency call 999.

However, you will be required to complete an incident diary for us to deal with the complaint.

What happens next?

Once a completed incident diary has been received, the case will be allocated to an officer who will contact you within five working days to discuss the case and agree a plan of action.

Supporting victims and witnesses

Available support includes:

  • evidence pack to record incidents
  • dictaphones to record incidents rather than writing them down, if you prefer
  • one officer to manage your case and update you as often as you would like
  • one direct telephone line 01204 336500 to report anti-social behaviour on
  • personal alarm if required
  • use of CCTV equipment
  • support to help you deal with intimidation
  • emotional support
  • a victim's champion to deal with your case if you are vulnerable

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy and Procedure

Our ASB Policy and Procedure provides information about what Bolton Council can do to achieve a positive resolution following a report of anti-social behaviour.

Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review

Agencies including the Council, police and registered providers of social housing have a duty to undertake an anti-social behaviour case review when someone requests one and the case meets a locally defined threshold.

Please note, the anti-social behaviour case review service is not for initial reports of anti-social behaviour. It is to be used if you believe there has been a failure by one or more agencies to respond to a previous report of anti-social behaviour. The anti-social behaviour case review is designed to ensure that agencies work together to respond to reports of anti-social behaviour.

The Be Safe Strategic Partnership will ensure that the case is reviewed appropriately and efficiently as possible. We will discuss the problem collectively, share information, and act together to direct our resources to the right places to resolve the issue.

For further information, please refer to the Bolton Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review Procedure.

You can make an application for an anti-social behaviour case review by:

applying online

  • phone on 01204 331342
  • email
  • writing to Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review Service, Bolton Council Community Safety Services, 3rd Floor Town Hall, Bolton Town Hall, Victoria Square, Bolton, BL1 1RU.