What is Time 2 Talk?

We provide family mediation for families in conflict. We work with various services and organisations to mediate between young people and their parents/carers where there is conflict in the family. The aim is to prevent the family unit breaking down completely and to reduce the number of young people presenting as homeless.

What is mediation?

Mediation is:

  • voluntary – people choose to take part to resolve their own disputes and improve the situation
  • confidential – mediators will not disclose to anyone else what the parties tell them, unless the matter is a safeguarding issue
  • future focussed – parties decide what they want for the future to help them live more peacefully

Mediation is not about:

  • telling people what to do
  • deciding who is right or wrong
  • going over the past
  • winning and losing – we aim for a win/win resolution

Mediators are:

  • independent – they don’t judge or give advice
  • impartial – they don’t take sides
  • experienced – they are fully trained and accredited
  • approachable – They will listen to you and help you to get your point across

Please note we are unable to mediate between adults regarding contact arrangement as this falls outside our funding remit.