If you have done building work (started or finished) without getting building regulation approval, you can apply for a regularisation certificate (unless the work was done before 11 November 1985).

What do I need to submit?

  • a regularisation application form (if posting the application)
  • all detailed plans, sections and elevations, incorporating all necessary technical notes, supporting calculations and specifications of the work that has been done without permission
  • the correct fee

Apply for a regularisation certificate

We will come out to inspect the work and let you know any work that needs to be done.  You may need to expose foundations, drains and other structural work. When the work meets building regulations you will receive a certificate.

How much does it cost?

Fees for domestic properties

Fees for non-domestic properties

Reporting building works

Before you report unauthorised building work please check:

  • if the work needs permission
  • search to see if a building regulation application has been submitted for the work

Then contact us with the location and the work that is being done.


Building Control can take enforcement action against building work in contravention of the building regulations. This could involve a notice requiring the work is removed or even action through the courts.

Planning permission

The work may also require planning permission. For further information please see the planning pages.