What can I apply for?

House or building numbers

If a new property is built between existing properties it will be given a number which follows on from the existing properties. In many cases this will have to be a suffix of the adjoining number, e.g. 11a, 19b, etc.

House or building names

If your property has a number you can apply to add a name or change the existing name.  Royal Mail will register this as an alias and won’t be part of your official address. You must still use and display the property number.

If your property has a name but no number, this is part of your official address and you can apply to change the name.

We will check the suggested name is not used by an existing property in the area and that it meets our policy requirements.

New street names

Developers can suggest new street names.  We check they will not cause problems with any existing names in the same area and they meet our policy requirements.  The local parish council will be consulted on the suggested names.

Renaming or renumbering of an existing street

Reasons why a street may be renamed or renumbered:

  • the street’s current name and or numbering is causing problems
  • properties need to be renumbered for new properties being built in the street
  • properties without numbers are causing problems for visitors, postal deliveries or emergency services

See the policy for further details of the above processes.