Types of applications

You will need building regulation approval to check the work you are doing meets certain safety and energy efficiency standards.

Before applying, check to see if the work you are doing requires building regulation permission.

Building regulations approval is different from planning permission and you might need both.

The type of application you need to submit will depend on whether you have already started the work.

Apply for building regulations

If you have not started work you have a choice of applications:

  • a full plans application - This is the most thorough option and gives you most protection. It's cheaper than submitting a building notice but you need to include detailed plans of the work you're doing
  • a building notice - You don't need to submit plans with this application, but you must feel confident that the works comply with building regulations or you risk having to correct it after we've inspected it
  • replacement windows and doors - If you are having your windows or doors replaced and the person doing the work is not registered to a competent persons scheme then you need to submit an application

If you have started or completed work without building regulations approval:

How much does it cost?

It will depend on the work you are doing and the type of application you are submitting. Please see our fee guidance.

Who can submit the application?

You can submit the application if you can provide all the information that is needed or you can get an architect or surveyor to be your agent. They will fill in the forms and prepare the necessary drawings for you.  They will charge you a fee to do this.