Building notice applications

What do I need to submit?

  • a building notice application form (if posting the application)
  • if the work you are doing includes a new build, an extension or a garage you'll need a 1:1250 scale plan showing the size and position of the building or the building as extended and its relationship to adjoining boundaries (sometimes known as 'block plans')
  • the correct fee

Submit your building notice application

Please remember:

  • you do not need to submit drawings with your application but you risk having to correct work after we have inspected it, if it does not meet building regulations. Depending on the work you are doing we may request drawings and calculations at a later stage
  • you do not receive an approval notice like you do with full plans
  • if you need planning permission, do not start work until you have got it


We will come to inspect the work at the start, the end and at various stages to make sure it meets the building regulations standards. After you've submitted your application, you must let us know when work starts.

Book a building regulations inspection

Completion certificates

You will receive a completion certificate once the work is complete and we have checked it meets building regulations.