The logo for Bolton Cares

Bolton Cares was established in 2016 by Bolton Council and is wholly owned by Bolton Council. Take a look at the Bolton Cares – Bolton Council website .

Bolton Cares offer the residents of Bolton the following services. 

  • Outreach
  • Supported Living
  • Extra Care schemes
  • Short Breaks
  • Shared Lives
  • Mental health support
  • Life Opportunities for older people and people with autism and learning disabilities

Day Services Are Becoming Life Opportunities 

During October and November 2021 Bolton Council, Bolton Cares and key stakeholders launched the ‘The Big Conversation’. The initiative was to get people’s views on how we could improve the way we run and deliver day services for older adults and people with learning disabilities and / or autism across the town and to modernise the way we do things in Bolton.

Over 300 families, people we support and key professionals working within the services told us what they thought.

Two important actions came out of the Big Conversation.

  • That our day services should be renamed Life Opportunities to reflect the scope and breadth of our plans and give it a more modern feel.
  • That working with people to co-produce how services should look and how they are delivered is critical to our success.

Since 2022 Bolton Cares has been working collaboratively to take this exciting project forward. We are working with families and the people we support to reflect what The Big Conversation told us and to creatively bring to life people’s new and exciting ideas to help reshape services for the future.

Read more about the next steps of our journey and our ambitions for the services here Our Life Opportunities Journey - Bolton Cares Also find out how we are getting on with the new Jubilee Community Centre here New Jubilee Centre - Bolton Cares