We are responsible for repairing damage on adopted roads. You can refer to the highways register to verify if the road or pavement is adopted. If the damage occurs on a privately owned road or footpath, kindly report it directly to the landowner.

The pothole must be at least 40mm deep (or 25mm when it is it’s located on the pavement or at a designated road crossing point) to be considered for repair.  Please do not report any potholes that are smaller than this as they will not be actioned.

Image 1 = Pothole over 40mm deep - reportable 

Image 2 = Pothole less than 40mm deep - non-reportable

Pothole over 40mm deep   Pothole less than 40mm deep

Report an issue

What happens next

We will inspect adopted roads and footpaths within five working days.  If there is an immediate risk to safety, please contact us right away.

Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm - 01204 336 600
Outside these hours - 01204 336 900