Maintaining your tenancy

Once you have moved into your tenancy you will have certain responsibilities to help you sustain the tenancy. It is important that you know what these are when living in the property.

You must:

  • always pay your rent on time. If you fail to do so, the landlord can serve you with a legal notice and you may be threatened with homelessness. If you miss a payment, or you are worried about getting behind on your rent, you must notify your landlord as soon as possible. You can contact the Housing Options service for further advice and assistance
  • pay your bills on time. Most tenants will have to pay the gas, electricity, water and telephone, in addition to the council tax and television license
  • allow the landlord to access the property when necessary. This may be to complete repairs or carry out inspections. You must be reasonable in allowing the landlord to enter the house, but only if the time is mutually convenient for you. If you are concerned that your landlord is entering the property without permission you must seek advice from us as soon as possible
  • use the property for the purpose in which it was let to you ie not a business, do not sub-let your property, take in a lodger or pass on the tenancy to someone else and always inform the landlord if you are going away for a length of time ie in hospital, etc
  • not make improvements or changes, including decorating, to the home without written permission
  • look after the property the best you can and avoid causing damage to your home or your neighbours’ property. Report any damage and or repairs promptly preferably in writing to the landlord.
  • not cause or allow household members or visitors to cause a nuisance or annoyance to the landlord, other tenants, or neighbours within the locality
  • give the landlord the required notice to end the tenancy. This is usually stipulated in your tenancy agreement.

See our maintaining your tenancy advice notes.