Fees and Charges

We will make a charge for administering and issuing a licence.

Fees must however, reflect the actual costs of licensing a property and have a structure which is fair and transparent.

A licence will last for a maximum of five years, although it may be issued for a shorter period in certain circumstances.

Mandatory HMO licence (property up to nine rooms) £809.42
Charge per additional room above nine £23.24
Finding an unlicensed property £185.63
Reminder or letters requesting additional information £18.93
Inadequate application letter £18.93
Inadequate certification £18.93
Failure to provide plans / plans not satisfactory £18.93

Refunding of HMO licence fees

You will be entitled to a refund of the licence fee in the following situations:

  • on review of an application we decide that the property does not need a license at the time of application (for example, it falls under one of the exemptions)
  • a duplicate application is made.

Refunds will not be provided in the following situations:

  • the property needs to be licensed at the time of application
  • the property is sold at any point during the application process
  • we refuse the application and do not grant a licence
  • you withdraw the application at any point during the application process
  • we revoke (take away) the licence
  • we vary the licence and reduce the amount of time it remains operationally valid
  • the property is refused planning permission.

The fees are not connected to the length of a licence. If you no longer need a licence and request a revocation before it expires, we can't give a refund for any unused time.