Bolton's Vision and Values

Bolton is a diverse borough, where people from many different backgrounds and cultures live, work and play. We aim to respect and promote the diverse nature of the borough, supporting community relations, ensuring that our services are appropriate and accessible for everyone, and increasing opportunities for all.

Our Vision: Bolton 2030

Bolton has a long history of strong and collaborative partnership working, focused on improving the quality of life for everyone in Bolton. This is led by the Bolton Vision Partnership, which is made up of leaders from the public, private and voluntary, community and faith sector (‘the voluntary sector’) and Elected Members.

The Vision Partnership has established 7 working groups to drive delivery around key priorities.

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  • Big up Bolton
  • Strong engaged communities
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Skills and Aspirations
  • Active and confident
  • Social Value
  • Neighbourhood models


Each of these areas  will have an impact on equality and diversity in Bolton, and the Vision Delivery Plan outlines how each of these will be achieved for Bolton.

The Vision Delivery Plan will be the main means by which we will hold ourselves to account on progress to reduce inequality and improve the quality of life for local people.


The values of an organisation are those key principles by which people are expected to work day-to-day. They’re our culture and help define what is expected of each, and every one of us.

We worked with our staff to develop values and behaviours for the council. Staff at all levels of the authority came up with these ideas and we’ve focused on the five more important ones. More than 150 staff members were involved in this process, as well as union representatives.

The Values: 

Equality and diversity bolton values

  • Accountability: take responsibility for actions, stand by decisions…
  • Determination: don’t give up, remain positive and open to new ideas…
  • Making a difference: work to a high standard, provide a quality service, keep it simple…
  • Working together: share knowledge, support, collaborate for better outcomes…
  • Honesty and respect: be truthful, open, fair, treat others how you want to be treated…
  • We will be one council, building and effective and dynamic organisation.

All of these Values contribute to our work in reducing discrimination, promoting opportunities and fostering good relations, both internally and across the borough. More specifically our Honesty and Respect value includes a clear commitment to supporting diversity and respecting individual differences, treating people fairly and in the way they would like to be treated.  This is an expected behaviour of each and every council employee.