Resident parking permits

Existing areas

We have three residents parking scheme areas. These allow residents and their visitors to park their vehicles, displaying valid parking permits, close to their homes.

Zone A - Dorset Street area, Bolton

  • Dorset Street - odd numbers 1-59 and even numbers 56-126 
  • Castle Street - even numbers 2-76
  • Dowson Street - 1, 3, 4 & 5
  • Court Street - even numbers 2-6
  • May Street - even numbers 4-16
  • Halstead Street - even numbers 2-52
  • Bolton Spiritualist (SNU) Church - 21 Bradford Street
  • Grace Christian Centre - 126 Dorset Street

Zone C - Marsden Street area, Westhoughton

  • Marsden Street - even numbers - 6-16
  • Edward Street - odd numbers 13-17
  • Wood Street - even numbers 2-16 and odd numbers 1-9

Zone D - Mill Street, Westhoughton

  • Mill Street - even numbers 4-14

If you are a resident in one of the above zones and need to purchase or renew a permit, please contact us for further details.


New areas

At the present time we are not accepting requests for new Resident Parking Scheme areas.

To create a new residents permit scheme would require the promotion of a legal Traffic Regulation Order, with costs in the region of £3,500 plus the cost of all new signs and road markings.  At the present time we have no funding available for this type of scheme.

Alongside the costs, there are several negative sides to creating new permit parking schemes:

  • The schemes move non-resident parking to neighbouring streets (that to do not have restrictions) leading to problems for residents in these areas
  • People naturally think that having a permit means that a space will be available for their vehicle outside their home.  As many homes now have more than one vehicle and visitor permits can be purchased, this is not always the case. Visitor parking can cause problems and disputes as visitors (even with a permit) are in effect 'taking someone else’s space'.
  • On narrow streets parking spaces can only be provided on one side of the road.  Double yellow lines would then be necessary on the opposite side thus reducing parking availability to residents by 50%.
  • Difficulties in accommodating the attendance of visiting service providers such as window cleaners, doctors, builders etc. They will need permits, that need to be purchased.
  • There is an annual charge for resident permit parking, plus visitor permits need to be purchased. All residents must be in agreement with the introduction of the scheme.


Contacting us

Our staff are often out of the office and unable to take calls.

The best way to contact us for all Highways enquiries, is to complete this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.