Pay for a parking ticket

If you have received a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice), you will qualify for a 50% reduction if you pay within 14 days of issue.

Do not ignore the ticket, if you do not either pay promptly or challenge the notice you may have to pay more.

How to pay

  • pay online
  • pay by telephone - call 03004 560642 to use our 24 hour automated payment line
  • pay by post - please send a cheque to: Bolton Council, PO Box 434, Bolton BL1 4FD
  • pay by Easypay at any Post Office or any shop displaying a PayPoint or e-pay logo (Many of these outlets are open outside normal office hours and will take your payment free of charge)
    • Post Office - Accepts payments by cash, debit card or cheque made payable to Post Office Ltd
    • PayPoint - Accepts payments by cash only
    • e-pay - Accepts payments by cash only using the bar code on the front payment slip of your notice
    • you can search for nearest outlets at

Please make sure you receive a receipt and keep it safe as this is your proof of payment

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