RingGo is a mobile phone service, enabling you to pay for your parking by credit or debit card, rather than with cash at a machine.

  • you don’t need to put a ticket on your dashboard
  • Civil Enforcement Officers use handheld devices to check which vehicles have paid
  • paying with RingGo reduces the risk of receiving a penalty charge notice
  • if you’re running late or simply need a bit longer in town, there’s no need to worry - just top up your parking wherever you are by using the service again

Download the app

Save time by registering and paying for your parking via your mobile phone using the RingGo app or at the myRingGo website.

Alternatively call the standard rate telephone number 0161 634 0340 shown on the ticket machines, at the time you want to park.

If it’s your first time using the service, you’ll be asked for:

  • information about your vehicle
  • the five digit location code (shown on the sign)
  • details of your payment card

The next time the service will recognises your mobile phone number to reduce time.