Free mental health training

Free training in mental health and wellbeing is available for anyone who works or volunteers in Bolton. Don’t miss out.

Mental Health

The training helps people to gain insights into their own mental health and wellbeing, as well as learn how to recognise the signs of poor mental wellbeing in others, provide support and advocate for mental health awareness in the workplace.

There are a number of different courses on offer, ranging from one-hour introductory sessions, to courses with up to seven sessions on different days. Training is available both online and in person.

In addition to our program for those who work or volunteer in the borough, we also offer our key courses to anyone living in Bolton. These courses have a word “Community” in the title. Full details of these  and other courses  and how to register are in the brochure below

Bolton Mental Health Training Brochure 2023 - 2024

You can also find out more about the full range of training available for people working with adults and people working with children.

Other available training

RSPH | Healthy Minds Greater Manchester e-learning is an e-learning course for anyone living or working in Greater Manchester. It will help you to understand mental health and wellbeing, and shares resources to enable you to develop skills and awareness.

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