The gypsy liaison service manages our registered caravan park, a site where gypsies and travellers can reside on a permanent basis under a tenancy agreement. The site can accommodate up to 26 families.

We also deal with enquiries, or reports of groups of gypsies, or travellers trespassing on public or private land within Bolton.  

Gypsy and traveller communities lead a nomadic lifestyle moving around the country. From time to time, local communities find gypsies parking their caravans and vehicles in a nearby park, public places such as car parks or land where they should not. This is classed as an 'Unauthorised Encampment'.

How to report gypsies and travellers trespassing on council or private land

Unauthorised encampments can be reported to the police or to the council. All encampments will be dealt with in accordance with legal processes. Please see 'Unauthorised encampment in your area' for more details.

You can report encampments on council owned land by calling the Gypsy Liaison Officer on 01204 335217 or 07789 031464.

Any complaints of trespassers out of hours should be reported to the police on the 101 number.

If you'd like to report an enampment on private land please see 'Unauthorised encampments on private land' or contact the Gypsy Liaison Officer for advice and information.